Our program is fueled by leadership from youth & young adults that live in the communities we serve! That means each semester we are looking for interested young people to join our youth leadership teams (YLTs).

Our Youth Leadership Teams gives youth the opportunity to learn how to be members of and contribute to a highly functioning team and be leaders for change in their communities. If you are interested in (or there are youth you believe would benefit from) being on one of our teams, you are invited to apply or nominate a youth! You may also contact us if you have any other questions about the teams, projects or youth programs:

  • for Napa & Calistoga (Napa County), contact Eduardo, eduardo@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-251-9432
  • for Santa Rosa & Sonoma Valley (Sonoma County), contact Eliseo, eliseo@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-583-9169

Teams re-launch each semester (January and September). Youth who are interested in joining one of our teams can find the youth leadership team interest form here.