Our program is fueled by the leadership of youth & young adults that live in the communities we serve! Each semester we recruit interested and motivated youth to join our youth leadership teams (YLTs), which run in 6 month cycles with home-bases in Napa, Santa Rosa, Calistoga or Sonoma.

The YLT is a team of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) youth that create events and advocate for change in partnership with LGBTQ Connection. YLT gives youth the opportunity to learn how to be a part of a team and be community leaders. If you know a youth that would benefit from being on this team, nominate them. If you're a youth, apply yourself! 

  • for information about Napa & Calistoga (Napa County) teams, contact Eduardo, eduardo@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-251-9432
  • for information about Santa Rosa & Sonoma Valley (Sonoma County) teams, contact Eliseo, eliseo@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-583-9169

Teams re-launch each semester (January and August).

The teams meet once a week for 5 intensive months. That intensity is what we’ve found that it takes to come together as a team and organize impactful youth projects and events for our community. These projects bring people together across generations and cultures to build a stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive LGBTQ community. 

Program Commitment: 

For Fall 2018, participants will need to commit to the dates outlined in the interest form. If there is a schedule conflict, contact the program coordinator to determine if YLT is right for you. Any changes made to the dates listed will agreed upon with youth leadership team members during regular meetings. There is limited space on each team. Secure a spot on the team & RSVP via  the interest form. Those that fill out the interest form or contact the county program coordinators will be notified about next steps in the process. 

We cannot wait for you to join us!

Youth who are interested in joining one of our teams should fill out the youth leadership team interest form here.