You are cordially invited to our "In this Together" Conference, April 9th from 11am-3pm at Embassy Suites, 1234 California Blvd, Napa. This is our inaugural conference in Napa on supporting LGBTQ children and youth in our families, specifically designed for parents, caregivers, and professionals who serve youth.

Our families have a variety of histories, experiences and ways to show love. Join us at our inaugural "In This Together" conference in Napa to explore ways to grow trust, love and support with our children. We're in this together--even if we're still trying to understand what it all means if they mighbt be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or figuring out who they are (LGBTQ).

Sometimes, our family's response can feel like acceptance or tolerance. Other times, youth may actually feel like they are being rejected by their family even if the family loves the youth. Both have lasting impact on our youth's immediate and long term health and success.

  • Cecilia shares what it feels like: "Acceptance will help the person grow, to feel loved, important[. A]s if who they are is okay. But without it they will grow up believing they are a mistake and who they are is wrong." 
  • For Braden, "being accepted by your family is like a web and whenever you fall it's there to catch out without a doubt. It's something that brings a family closer and is able to set an LGBTQ+ person on a more beautiful path in life." Let's come together as families and providers to build a web of support for all of our LGBTQ youth. 
  • Edward intimately adds, "the ways that my family is supportive of me being LGBTQ is... giving me respect, love, and dignity for who I am." Let's come together to share meaningful and practical ways to show love.

Help us spread the word about the conference; bring a friend or colleague. Let's create and celebrate ways that all of our children have chances to live a love-filled and fruitful life instead of one of rejection and fear. or 707-251-9432 for more information. RSVPs appreciated.

Many thanks to PG&E for their sponsorship of LGBTQ Connection, helping us create more safe spaces in our community!

The beautiful conference space has been generously provided by Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley.