In a few weeks in Fairfield, there will be a special gathering to discuss programs and community benefits of Proposition 63, California's Mental Health Services Act. You might not know, but LGBTQ Connection has largely been funded as a community designed "mental health prevention and intervention project" under Prop 63 since 2011.

If you think our community has benefitted from LGBTQ Connection, if you think a community that more visibly, competently serves and welcomes LGBTQ people helps them to be healthier, then please attend so our voices can be hear. They are especially interested in hearing from LGBTQ people and transition aged (16-24) youth. If we'd like this funding to continue to support our program, and programs like ours throughout the state, we need visibility and voices. We'd love to have a group of us represent!

If you cannot attend, but would like to support, please:

  • share this message with other supporters who might attend
  • respond to a question online about the impact of our program on the community's well-being:

There are more details about the gathering, from a network friend of ours, below.

If you have any questions, ideas, etc. please let us know!