Hope you are staying bundled up drinking warm tea & near your beloveds during this winter season. If you find yourself longing for good vibes, making new friendships, or just want some free food, we want to invite you to join us for a huge community event we are hosting!

So that everyone feels that they have a fun, loving place to belong to, the Santa Rosa Youth Leadership Team and Eliseo are organizing "Dinner Over The Rainbow" to invite our whole LGBTQ family and friends. What better way to get to know people than through a cozy, warm meal? (And free food at that?!)

"Dinner Over the Rainbow" invites the LGBTQ community and friends of all ages to build connections across generations. Together, we can build community with full stomachs, good vibes, and open hearts. Genaro, our youth leadership team member, says "I want them to feel supported and feel like they have family." Be part of ours and RSVP!

Please share the invitation below to anyone who wants to connect, build, or join our own LGBTQ kin community. If you are interested in volunteering, let us know!

Who: Intergenerational LGBTQ folks and friends
What: LGBTQ Family Dinner named "Dinner Over the Rainbow"
Where: 714 Mendocino Ave
When: 12/14 Wed 5:00-8:00p
Why: To bring together intergenerational LGBTQ folks and their friends for a great meal to forge bonds that make a connected community.
How: Through the food & games for us to enjoy. 

Space is limited, so please RSVP to Eliseo at eliseo@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-251-9432