Hope ya’ll have been relishing this changing season and get to spend it with loved ones. For many folks, this time of year can have mixed feelings. While some LGBTQ people are embraced by their family, others are silenced or rejected at home.

So that all our LGBTQ families can have one place to feel accepted & loved, the Youth Leadership Team and Eliseo are working hard to plan a fun event. We created a “Posada Party” where folks can invite their "biological" or “chosen” family out for a special night. We invite the whole community to join us to eat good food and enjoy great vibes.

Feel free to share the invitation below to anyone who wants to connect, build, or join our own LGBTQ kin community:


Our youth designed a “Posada Party” for the whole family at our community center at 780 Lincoln Ave on Thurs, Dec. 8th from 5:00-8:00pm.

Enjoy delicious FREE food, find community with a fun crowd, and learn some insightful information on how to support LGBTQ family members. All are welcome!

For many LGBTQ people, rejection is a fact some folks face when coming out or being outed. Rather than focus on stories of rejection, we want to build a community of acceptance. Two youth share below why this event is especially important to them:

  • “It would be a space that fosters love and kindness within our community” -Velvet
  • “Personally, when I am in a safe community event I feel happier and it makes me more comfortable to be myself. Also for people struggling to come it can help them feel better about themselves.”- Daisy

Afraid you'll forget about joining us? Message us your contact info and we will be glad to remind you OR RSVP on Facebook:

We can't wait to celebrate the season with you!