LGBTQ Program Coordinator - Youth & Families


LOCATION: Napa & Sonoma Counties, California

RESPONSIBLE TO: LGBTQ Connection Program Director

HOURS: Full-time (or could be 2 part time positions, 1 in Napa and 1 in Sonoma counties)

Flexible schedule, occasional nights and weekends.

SALARY: $38,000 - $45,000, depending on experience

SUMMARY: While Napa and Sonoma counties are technically part of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, they are worlds apart in terms of acceptance and visibility for the LGBTQ people that live, work, and go to school here. What started as a Napa support group for LGBTQ youth in early spring 2010 has quickly become an LGBTQ hub serving thousands of people—fueled by the leadership of youth and young adults. LGBTQ Connection is the area’s first (and only) comprehensive initiative increasing awareness & inclusion--and ultimately, health and well-being--for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people across the region. Since its founding, the program has achieved numerous milestones and is looking to add a dynamic team member to inspire others for continued commitment to positive change in Napa and Sonoma counties.

LGBTQ Connection is seeking a passionate community organizer. Specifically, someone who is an experienced program developer that thrives in start-up and excels at developing teams of people (especially youth) to view themselves as leaders and accomplish goals in the context of a grass-roots, rural/suburban, LGBTQ community organization.

The program’s overall goals are both exciting and daunting—most projects initiated by LGBTQ Connection are being done for the first time in the area’s history. LGBTQ Connection’s Program Coordinator works directly with the Program Director, youth and adult volunteers in order to innovate and implement ground-breaking activism, outreach, programs, trainings and events. Ultimately, this is to fulfill the program’s mission of creating a community that is healthy, safe and fully inclusive of LGBTQ people, with a visible, diverse, and vibrant LGBTQ community. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Because of the start-up nature of the program, responsibilities can be dynamic and thus, an entrepreneurial mentality is paramount to enjoying the position. In addition to partnering in the oversight of the overall development of programs and teams, LGBTQ Connection’s Program Coordinator will be directly responsible for:

Youth Development

Growing youth leadership teams in Napa and Sonoma counties to facilitate groups and activities with youth at the centers and in the community; leading trainings and workshops with students, families, adult supporters, teachers, and school administration; and developing community projects centered on goals of LGBTQ awareness and activism with, for, and by youth.

Family Acceptance

Launching a new initiative to create a strong, evidence based network of support for young people and their families in Napa County: outreach, public relations, curriculum development, training, convening a special day-long institute, conducting referrals and offering one-on-one support to increase community awareness, build alliances with underserved families (including Latino and foster families), and connect struggling families with needed resources and support.

Training and Workshop Coordination

Coordinating and facilitating dynamic workshops with nonprofits, government, educational, social service and health-related agencies, and other professionals in the community to inspire a shared commitment to inclusivity, increased awareness of LGBTQ issues and implementation of LGBTQ best practices.

QUALIFICATIONS: The ideal candidate for this position easily makes connections with new people, and is able to motivate and inspire them to achieve results and connect as a team. Poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm is key to achieving the goals of this position. Additional qualifications include:

  1. Passion for and personal connection to LGBTQ issues
  2. Creativity that is energized by launching brand-new initiatives and a “do what it takes” mentality for start-up
  3. Degree in LGBTQ Studies, humanities or education—or significant professional experience in related fields
  4. Demonstrated experience working with—and developing leadership in—diverse communities (including age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual-orientation, geography)
  5. Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  6. Collaborative approach to decision-making
  7. Proficiency in using computers, office machines, and software
  8. English-Spanish bilingual/bicultural
  9. Reliable transportation, valid CA driver license & insurance.
  10. Desired, but not required, additional qualifications: demonstrated experience with a bridge-building approach to activism, personal or professional history in Napa and Sonoma counties

BENEFITS: Competitive salary, with a range of benefits including medical, paid time off, personal/interpersonal/professional development.

TO APPLY: Please do not apply in person. Email resume/cover letter, explaining fit with the position’s qualifications, to: Ian Stanley, LGBTQ Connection Program Director, by August 10, 2015 or until position is filled.

On The Move and LGBTQ Connection do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity or expression—and are an equal opportunity/equal access employer committed to diversity and inclusion.

For more information about LGBTQ Connection visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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