We are thrilled to announce we're launching a trans* youth program in Napa, kicking off w/ a get together BBQ on Wednesday, July 29. Please help us spread the word. We think this is the 1st such group in Napa County's history! For trans* by trans* youth.

See below the flyer image for some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the BBQ about?

The SupporT* BBQ is the kick-off of Napa county’s first transgender youth group! Our mission is to create a safe, fun, and educational environment for transgender (including non-binary) youth to be their true selves.

What will we be doing at the BBQ?

We will have amazing food (with vegetarian options!), gendered and non-gendered clothing bins for you to choose an outfit from to wear during the BBQ, and if you wish, to take home with you! There will also be fun games, music, informational pamphlets, and more!

What is the age limit for youth?

We don't have a strict limit, and since it's our first trans* youth event/group/BBQ, we're not sure what ages will show up to make up a majority of the group (or maybe it will be a big, fun variety of ages!). Generally, when we say youth we mean 14-24...but we make exceptions all the time (as long as it’s safe and appropriate) and love having volunteers & helpers of all ages.

When is the BBQ?

The BBQ is 4:30-6:00pm Wednesday July, 29th 2015.

Where is the BBQ?

The BBQ is in the backyard/garden of LGBTQ Connection.

What should I bring to the BBQ?

Any clothes you can donate, and your awesome self!

Is the BBQ Trans* only?

Yes! It is a BBQ ran for trans* youth, by trans* youth.

What is Trans*?

Trans* is a shorthand term for all transgender people, including binary and non binary. This means anyone who identifies as something other than their assigned gender at birth.

What does the * mean? Why don’t you just say “transgender?”

There are multiple perspectives on the best way to be inclusive when talking about transgender as an umbrella term. We are using trans* for now, but it might change after we have input from group participants and make a thoughtful decision--with safety, inclusivity and justice as the primary factors in making the decision.

What if someone I know sees me? Will I be outed (confidentiality)?

No! The LGBTQ Connection and VOICES staff are trained to create a safe, respectful atmosphere for all youth and will not out anyone. We work extremely hard to create a safe community. The space we are creating together for the get together and group is safe and confidential and your identity will not be exposed. At the BBQ, we will make a group decision as to what the agreements on confidentiality means, and what will happen if those agreements are broken. In the unlikely event that something happens to make a participant uncomfortable, disrespected, unsafe or outed, the group lead (Takoda) or other staff should be alerted right away so that action may be taken to promptly remedy/heal the situation (and those involved) in the best way possible and to keep the space and group uniquely safe and special.

Should I use my birthname/pronouns?

You can use whatever name or pronouns you want!

As part of launching our new trans* support group, we are also collecting clothing donations.

Why are we collecting clothing? What will it be used for?

We are collecting clothes so that people who attend the BBQ may have some clothes that make them feel comfortable. We decided to do this because many of the youth that will attend this BBQ aren’t able to get clothes that match with their gender. At the BBQ, anyone may pick an outfit from any of the three bins we have, and wear it for the BBQ. If they want, they can take them home. This is important, because wearing clothes that match their gender can boost their self-esteem and happiness. Clothes will also be made available to VOICES youth center for youth needing outfits (or accessories) appropriate for job interviews, court, etc. so they can feel comfortable putting their best image forward.

What clothing is needed?

Just bring in any clean, lightly-used clothing you wish to donate. Items needed especially include skirts, pants, hats, bras, belts, shoes, shirts, dresses, and socks. We will sort items and make them available to the youth.

Where should I donate?

Please bring donations to the LGBTQ Connection office, in the shared building with VOICES at 780 Lincoln Avenue, Napa. If LGBTQ Connection staff are unavailable, VOICES staff/reception will get the clothes where they need to go.

Have a question or concern that we haven't yet addressed? Email takoda@lgbtqconnection.org (group lead) or ian@lgbtqconnection.org (program director).
As more questions come in, we will update this page. Check back soon: http://bit.ly/1CHwRA1

Wish us the best for the group! -Takoda and Ian