We are forming a big, beautiful LGBTQ contingent for the Napa 4th of July Parade, including LGBTQ Connection, unitynapa & PFLAG Napa! The theme of the parade this year is "Earthquake First Responders," and so we've decided to kick that theme up a notch. Everyone knows it takes a village to recover from something like our August 2014 quake. So our float will be celebrating Napa First Responder Village People! With music to keep us dancing through the streets, we will represent the members of our village who helped us crawl out of the rubble. If you are a current or former member of the PD, FD, or EMT, or if you are in the construction business, we'd love for you to wear something that represents that for you (uniform, hat, t-shirt, etc). This is not a requirement to march with us, just an opportunity to celebrate the theme. We'll also have costume items to share. Plus plenty of rainbows and streamers to celebrate our community the traditional way. Let's knock the parade attendees out of their lawn chairs! 

The parade starts at 10am, but we'll meet starting at 7am to decorate, organize, and make signs. We'll have some sign supplies, but bring your own if you have any. The parade route is down 2nd Street, across Main Street, and up 1st Street. It's a 1 mile walk. We haven't been given an exact line-up spot yet, but plan on meeting on 2nd Street near the Register, and watch Facebook for specific location information Friday evening. Or just follow the rainbows!

We've had as many as 80 people march together in the parade (in our prize winning contingent) in past years, let's top that this year!

For any questions, feel free to contact us:

LGBTQ Connection, Ian Stanley, ian@lgbtqconnection.org or 707-251-9432

unitynapa, Hannah Cohen, unitynapa@gmail.com or 707-294-8717

PFLAG Napa, Rosemarie Vertullo, rvertullo@pflagnapa.org or 707-681-1477