Will you join in to support local LGBTQ youth?

Since 2011, LGBTQ Connection (and VOICES) has grown community participation to join with thousands nationwide in recognition of Spirit Day: a day of increasing visibility about the impact of anti-LGBTQ bullying and showing support for LGBTQ youth. This year, Spirit Day is on Thursday, October 15, and we hope to have more visible, local support than ever before!

Can our youth count on you?

  1. Pledge to wear purple on October 15 (to work, school or whatever you're up to!)
  2. Go purple on your social media accounts, and
  3. Send us a picture of you in your snazzy violet outfit (via email or on our FB or twitter), and we’ll add it to our big, multi-county collage of love and support for LGBTQ youth!

Let's continue to find more ways to commit to making visible, lasting change in our communities.

More info on spirit day and stopping bullying: