1. Promote leadership

Through leadership teams, community conversations and school and community-focused youth leadership development, LGBTQ representatives identify and prioritize needs and facilitate a community-led response.

  • Youth Leadership Teams (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • Community Advisors (Napa  • Santa Rosa)
  • Community Voice and Data (Napa  • Santa Rosa)

2. Strengthen underserved people

With LGBTQ events, groups for youth and seniors, and strategies to promote wellness and increase HIV prevention, LGBTQ Connection creates programs and builds community so that LGBTQ people live healthier, more connected lives.

  • Youth Empowerment and Support Groups (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • Senior Community Building (Napa)
  • HIV Awareness and Prevention (Napa)
  • Mental Health Care (Napa)

3. Mobilize the Community

Through trainings, best practices workshops, action planning, school based activities, family education, advocacy and policy work, LGBTQ Connection increases the baility of community organizations, schools, health services, faith communities, government and businesses to welcome and serve LGBTQ people competently.

  • Provider Competency Training (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • School Assistance (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • Family Acceptance Campaign (Napa)
  • Advocacy and Policy Work (Napa)

4. CultivatE Hubs

With awareness campaigns, an LGBTQ event calendar, directory of local programs and resources, community centers, events and outreach, LGBTQ Connection serves as centers of the LGBTQ community.

  • Community Centers (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • Outreach and Events (Napa • Santa Rosa)
  • Social Media and Resources (Napa • Santa Rosa)