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Community Driven Action in Napa & Sonoma Counties

Founded in 2011, LGBTQ Connection is the first community-based initiative developing a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community while increasing well-being for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) people across Napa County and the north bay. While technically part of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the north bay can seem like worlds apart in terms of visibility and community for the LGBTQ people that live, work and go to school here. 

In response, LGBTQ Connection promotes LGBTQ leadership, supports underserved people, develops partnerships, builds the community's capacity to include and welcome LGBTQ people, increases visibility and serves as the center of the LGBTQ community.

Recent Big News

No-cost, LGBTQ-friendly counseling at our Napa center

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we are pleased to bring the community an on-site, LGBTQ-friendly counselor, Gwendolyn Dean. Gwendolyn offers at least four, 1-hour appointments (Tuesdays at 3:30 and 4:30p, Thursdays at 4 and 5p) every week. Read More >>

Napa & Santa Rosa LGBTQ Community Gatherings in response to Orlando shooting

As many of you know, there was a mass shooting in Orla Read More >>

Here comes Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride 2016

We are proud to once again be part of the all-volunteer committee of folks and organizations that put together Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride 2016. Please help us share the schedule and invitation widely. Are you ready for some summer LGBTQ fun? Here's this year's official lineup of events: Read More >>

We're turning 5! Celebrate with us May 26

You are cordially invited to celebrate with us on Thursday, May 26 from 5-7p at our shared 780 Lincoln Ave community center in Napa. Drop by for our casual, open-house style birthday party. There will be cake, rainbow games, a piñata--and we'll share favorite memories, gratitudes and wishes for many more years of community impact, connection, and youth-led movement building. Read More >>

May 20: second annual Napa youth & senior LGBTQ intergenerational event

Last year's intergenerational LGBTQ event was such a resounding success, we are having another (please help us spread the invitation)!  Read More >>